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WSU Psychology Clinic Farm Stress Counseling Voucher Program

Washington State’s Free Farm Stress Counseling Voucher Program

The WSU Psychology Clinic is proud to partner with Farm Aid to provide confidential therapy services for farmers, farm workers, and their families in navigating stress and overcoming adversity. This service is provided at no cost to farmers and their families for six sessions and is eligible for all farmers and farm workers who currently live in the state of Washington.

Available through the program are 6 free online sessions with a trained psychologist.

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Who would you be working with?


Hi, my name is Conny Kirchhoff (PhD), and I am a licensed Psychologist in WA and ID.

I partnered up with the Farm Stress Voucher Program in the hopes of being able to serve farmers, farm workers, and their families in navigating stress, providing assistance in overcoming adversity, and support community. I would love to answer any questions you might have and look forward to working with you.

In the near future we are hoping to train our Ph.D. students in providing services to the farm community.

Our students are the next generation of mental health service providers, and we want to make sure that they are well equipped to work with our farm communities, an integral part of our food supply.



What might you get out of counseling?

  • Personal Strength: Counseling isn’t about weakness; it’s about leveraging your inner strength to confront challenges. It offers a dedicated space, free from judgment, where you can openly explore your thoughts, worries, and aspirations.
  • Enhanced Relationships: Understanding the reasons behind people’s actions equips you with increased conflict resolution skills. Counseling helps you communicate effectively, fostering stronger, more resilient relationships.
  • Physical Well-being: Constant stress can manifest as headaches, disrupted sleep, and digestive issues. Addressing emotional turmoil often leads to a tangible improvement in physical well-being.
  • Self-Discovery: Understanding yourself is a journey that counseling facilitates. It helps you understand what truly matters to you and enables conscious awareness of your automatic responses to stress, giving you more control over your own reactions that might be getting in your way.

 Farmer Voucher Program Brochures


Brochures with more information are available in both English and Spanish.


WSU Psychology Clinic Johnson Tower 362 Map Phone: 509-335-3587