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Department of Psychology WSU Psychology Clinic

Services Provided

The WSU Psychology Clinic is a community mental health service and clinical training program for doctoral students completing their Ph.D. in clinical psychology.

Individuals with Cognitive Disabilities

  • Diagnostic identification of adult learning disabilities, ADHD, and other cognitive disorders that impede academic and/or work success.
  • Remediation strategies and training for improved academic and work success.
  • Clinical documentation of neurological disorders for client access to disability services.

Individuals with Mental Health Disorders

  • Quality, affordable psychotherapy services for the Palouse community.
  • Differential diagnosis of mental disorders that impede academic and/or work success.
  • Psychological assessment to inform pharmacological and psychotherapy treatment.
  • Treatment planning that promotes self-empowerment and change.
  • Clinical documentation of mental disorders for accessing disability services.
  • Empirically supported treatments for a broad spectrum of mental health disorders.
  • Specialization in the treatment of eating disorders, personality disorders, and behavioral medicine.
  • Research and treatment for depression.

Clinical training

  • Cutting-edge clinical training for doctoral students completing a Ph.D. in WSU’s APA-accredited clinical psychology graduate program.
  • Commitment to the highest ethical standards in conducting assessment and psychotherapy.
  • Child clinical track under the direct supervision of a pediatric psychologist.
  • Adult clinical track under the direct supervision of licensed clinical psychologists.

Patient confidentiality statement