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WSU Psychology Clinic Resources

Disclaimer: The mental health resources provided on our webpage regarding different mental disorders and psychological treatments are not owned or produced by the WSU Psychology Clinic and are for informational, and supplemental purposes only. The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional psychological advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

Self-help books from ABCT- Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies

Community Referral Resources

Reproductive Healthcare Resources


App/Website NameCategoryLinkCostAge RangeBrief Description
app and website

by Andy Puddicombe (former Buddhist monk) and Richard Pierson
Meditation/ Mindfulness

iTunes App and Google Play stores, website
Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, Calming/Relaxation subscription 69.99 with free trial period deals, student deal 9.99 per yearEveryone; Kids’ versions available (customized sessions for 5 and under, 6-8, and 9-12)Learn to meditate and increase mindfulness. Library including hundreds of educational sessions and themed, guided meditations (e.g., sleep, stress, focus, appreciation) that vary in length.
UCLA Mindful
by UCLA Health
Mindfulness Meditation

iTunes App and Google Play stores, (podcasts also available on UCLA MARC website)
Relaxation, Anxiety, Well-being meditations, for beginners and wellness topics. Library of recorded 30-min podcasts on meditation and mindfulness topics; live streaming weekly
UCLA Mindfulness Awareness Research Center (MARC)

Diana Winston (Director of Mindfulness Education)
Mindfulness Meditation

Website only

Relaxation, Anxiety, Well-being, meditations (recordings and transcripts); some available in Spanish
Learn about Meditation/ Mindfulness

Website only

Relaxation, Anxiety, Depression, Well-being,
Free4+Library of podcasts and video lectures on meditation and mindfulness topics$165-200 (classes)18+Online, 6-session courses on meditation, mindfulness, and related topics

Anxiety and OCD

App/ Website NameCategoryLinkCostAge rangeBrief description
Fear Tools
By Stawarz

App store only
http://www.feartools.comFreeTeens and AdultsIdentify and challenge negative thoughts. Users are prompted to identify negative thoughts, rate their negative feelings, identify cognitive distortions, and create alternative thoughts. Also includes a squared breathing exercise, videos about anxiety, and exposure tracking information.
RootdPanic/Anxietyhttps://www.rootd.ioFree (in app purchases)AdultEducational lessons on panic and anxiety. Also includes guided strategies for breathing and tracking your panic attacks.

Mood and Emotion Regulation

App/ Website NameCategoryLinkCostAge rangeBrief description

by Thriveport
Mood improvement tool, CBT

App store only
Depression, Anger, Anxiety$4.9912+Four tools:
1. Mood enhancing activities
2. Thought checker- Identification and changing unhealthy thoughts
3. Daily mood rating/ monitor
4. Journaling with preformatted templates

Mood improvement tool
CBT principles

App and google store
Depression, Anxiety
In-app purchases $1.00 - $49.99 per item
EveryoneDepression Test
Thought analysis, identification of negative thinking
Activities list
Safety plan
DBT Coach

Swasth Inc.
Coaches DBT skills

Google Play and App store
Emotion dysregulation (BPD, self-injury, suicidal) Subscription: $11.99
• Six Month Subscription: $59.99
12+DBT skills training
Progress monitoring
Crisis survival tools

NOTE: App does not work with screen readers
Nicole Rickard
Mood monitoring tool
Google Play and App store
Bipolar, depression, anxiety monitoring
Identifies if extra help may be needed
Can be connected to friends. Families, providers
(Anger and Irritability Management Site)
Website by
U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
Mood Management Tool, CBT based and understanding anger
Breaking cycle of aggression
Behavioral tools
Cognitive Tools
Communication strategies
Anger control plan


App/ Website NameCategoryLinkCostAge rangeBrief description

Apple and Google devices

PTSD to provide supplementary resources for those in following CPT with a therapist, including
1. Between session assignments
2. Readings
3. PTSD symptom monitoring
4. Mobile versions of CPT worksheets.
PTSD CoachTrauma and PTSD

Designed for veterans

Apple and Google devices to provide initial information and support for those experiencing trauma-related symptoms, including
1. Information about professional care
2. Self-assessment for PTSD
3. Opportunities to find support
4. Tools to help manage the stresses of daily life with PTSD
National Center for PTSD for VeteransTrauma and PTSD among veterans

Website FreeN/AHub for psychoeducation, information, and resources for veterans facing trauma-related symptoms

Health Behavior

App/ Website NameCategoryLinkCostAge rangeBrief description
Nightmare Protocol WorksheetSleep


Website worksheet to address distressing, recurring nightmares that interfere with sleep
Sleep TimeSleep


Apple and Google devices
FreeN/ASleep monitoring, allows you to track your sleep cycles and "doubles as an alarm clock as well as a sleep analysis tool"
Mood TrackerHealth Tracker

Website day free trial

$9.95 for complete plan, $4.94 for advanced plan (monthly)
N/ADesigned to help track mood, including depression and anxiety symptoms, along with health behaviors and outcomes such as sleep, diet, medication, exercise, and mindfulness
My Mood TrackerMy Mood Tracker$9.99N/AStress, sleep, excercise, menstrual cycles, pain, and energy

Cognitive Health

CategoryLinkCostAge rangeBrief description
Information on TBI guide on traumatic brain injuries. Details the following: Causes, severity, diagnosis, symptoms, basic treatment information and tips on how to manage common TBI symptoms
Cognitive Health Information Website that provides articles and other information on the following: memory and cognition, Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, health conditions, medicines, Exercise/physical activity, nutrition, alcohol use/smoking, sleep, and opportunities to participate in research
Pediatric Traumatic Brain Injury that provides information on the following: TBI criteria, signs/symptoms, causes, roles & responsibilities, assessment, treatment, and resources

Substance Use

App/ Website NameCategoryLinkCostAge rangeBrief description
A-CHESS platform
Chess Health
Recovery from addiction, smart phone apps
App store and Google play, electronic referrals, addressing resistance and fear
eTherapy for substance use, alcohol, and Buprenorphine disorders, based on CBT principles
eRecovery management, progress tracking, relapse indicators and reduction
Stop Drinking with
Andrew Johnson
HiveBrain Software
Alcohol use and abuse
also in google play store
$2.9912+Regain control, cut down or stop drinking
Overcome emotional and physical cravings
Tools to change thinking
Relaxing, visualization
2Morrow HealthAbstinence from Tobacco
Mobile app available on Google Play store and iTunes$50 for 90-day app-based program when purchased through Walmart

Price may vary by state if purchased through 2Morrow; click "Request Info for Personal Use" on website to learn your price
18+Based on ACT and CBT principles
Increase motivation
Develop quit plan
Cope with urges to smoke and relapse
Track progress.