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WSU Psychology Clinic WSU Psychology Mission Statement

We are a non-profit community mental health outpatient clinic operated by the WSU Department of Psychology. Our mission is fourfold:

1) Provide the highest quality training for our advanced clinical doctoral students as they continue to master evidence-based assessment and psychotherapy practices.
The WSU Psychology Clinic is staffed by advanced graduate students in WSU’s highly competitive, APA-accredited, doctoral program in clinical psychology. Each year our program
accepts only 6-8 students from literally hundreds of applicants. Our advanced graduate student staff complete rigorous coursework in science-based assessment and psychotherapy practices that prepare them for providing cutting-edge clinical services. They also receive intensive weekly supervision by licensed clinical faculty.

2) Provide low-cost, evidence-based psychological assessment and psychotherapy services for individuals and families in the Pullman, Moscow, and greater Palouse region.
The WSU Psychology Clinic operates as one of the only low-cost psychological outpatient clinics in the Palouse region that emphasizes science-based assessment and psychotherapy services to the broader community. Every year hundreds of individuals and families who could not otherwise afford psychological care receive our state-of-the-art services. We emphasize cognitive-behavioral and other evidence-based interventions in the treatment of clinical depression, common forms of anxiety disorders (social anxiety, generalized anxiety, panic disorder, OCD), trauma-related disorders, eating disorders, childhood behavior and internalizing disorders, and other problems. Our assessment services are informed by the most up-to-date science in the field.

3) Promote research to advance the assessment and treatment of mental disorders across the lifespan.
The WSU Psychology Clinic is one of the only outpatient psychology clinics in the broader Eastern Washington and Western Idaho region dedicated to applied mental health research. The WSU doctoral program in clinical psychology operates in the scientist-practitioner tradition. Therefore, our clinic aims to integrate clinical science and practice, with science-informed practice and practice-informed science. Clients will be invited to participate in research projects. But we will offer the same highest quality mental health service regardless of whether clients agree or disagree to participate in these projects.

4) Promote and support education about science-based, cutting-edge, psychological assessment and treatment practices to the broader mental health provider community.
Through APA continuing education activities, other presentations, and consultative services, we aim to share the most up-to-date science on best practice for mental health assessment and treatment.